Peters Reijers about Business Class Chauffeur Services


Six o’clock, the chauffeur calls me, helps me with my luggage, and we are on the road. At nine o’clock, I am leading a session.

Today, the management of retail chain X would like a guided tour – aiming for more satisfied customers, turnover, and profitability. That is my job – a very enjoyable job. The meeting is scheduled in a conference room at hotel Y. On the way there, I read up on my notes one last time. We can avoid traffic-jams if we aim to arrive at the hotel for 8 o’clock – right on time. The receptionists watch with interest how my chauffeur and I carry my luggage (cases full of folders and devices) inside. They are still going through the weekend’s work together. I believe they have a strained relationship. I’m more aware of it than I’d like to know.

When it is “my turn” (“Good morning, what can I do for you…”), the telephone rings. At the same time, a hotel employee joins us and points out a logistical problem. I can wait, and that’s what I do. Once it is my turn (“yes?…”), the list of meetings appears to be missing. A few moments later, it is found and my name is on it. Comforting. Can I enter the hall? “The meeting doesn’t start until 9, does it? I’ll call my colleague, who will arrive immediately. Why don’t you already enter the hall.”

The hall appears to be locked. After a minute or two, the colleague arrives. She introduces herself: “Hi, my name is Priskilla. I will be going through the day with you.” I’d rather set up my stuff first, but that isn’t possible, because Priskilla has a lot of work to do. They tell me that the lunch orders must be written down on the list that has to be handed in at the reception. Priskilla knows that my coffee break is scheduled for half past ten, but she can’t be persuaded. Strange, because those who arrive for lunch unannounced can immediately order anything they want…

She wasn’t aware that I ordered a flip-chart. She is disappointed in the fact that I didn’t know whom I ordered it from. She gets annoyed when I propose to arrange a flip-chart first. Once it arrives and I request more than the five available sheets of papers, Priskilla lets out a deep sigh. Anyway.

The day is very successful – sometimes confrontational, but always constructive. The participants happily go home at the end of the day, with a definitive step-by-step plan and full of confidence. A follow-up session is planned. Reetsjel – Priskilla’s colleague – looks at me confused when I wish her good luck with the internal organization. I’m not surprised. However, it is no longer my problem; I won’t be coming back here again. There are more than enough no-problem-it’s-just-a-client meeting locations. My chauffeur is ready to leave and he helps me with my luggage. My shiny car is waiting for me. Today extra shiny, seeing as my chauffeur has washed it for me. Even the inside of the car is nice and clean again. Chilled mineral water awaits me. The frustration about the location decreases, but the appreciation for proper and constant service increases. I’m going to recommend this chauffeur service!


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